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About the game

Trails of the Ancestors (also called TOTA in short) can be considered a mix between a dungeon crawler and a puzzle game. The goal of the game is to conquer dungeons and defeat enemies while solving puzzles in order to make progress.


TOTA is currently in development. You can follow the Devlog (links on the bottom of this page) to stay up-to-date with the latest progress. TOTA has no pre-planned design. I listen carefully to what she wants and make it happen, but any kind of feedback is more than welcome.

The Story

An evil force has awakened. People call it "The Screaming Wraith". Its only purpose is the annihilation of the entire material world.

You are the only wizard that might be powerful enough to banish the Wraith to the outer realms.

The Wraith draws its power from magic amulets hidden in underground crypts. Deep inside each crypt there is a Wraith amulet hidden that is guarded by the most foul beings.

The ancestors have anticipated the Wraiths arrival ages ago, and have hidden trails inside the crypts that help you on your quest. You embark on a quest to destroy all Wraith amulets and vanquish the Wraith.

Published 35 days ago
StatusIn development

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